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October 29, 2014

Pink Charity Scam Supports Cancer Causing Industry

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Susan G. Komen partners with fracking industry to ‘pink wash’ cancer-causing chemicals pumped into ground (NaturalNews) By now, Americans are aware that breast cancer exists, thanks to the pink color-branding marketed by the Susan G. Komen Foundation. The foundation has literally “pink washed” the entire month of October, routinely partnering with outside organizations to sell products and raise money for their pink marketing machine, which primarily pays high salary executives, marketers and pharmaceutical sponsors.

According to Charity Navigator, the Foundation spent $18,394,170 in 2013 on administration expenses alone, allotting $560,896 to Founder and CEO Nancy Brinker and $606,461 to President Elizabeth Thompson. Sadly, all the pink hype provides virtually no education on the environmental toxins and heavy metals in the food and water that are directly linked to cancer, and the foundation does nothing to clean the world of these cancer-causing substances. The money does not go into the hands of actual cancer patients to help them make informed decisions on treatment, clean water, better nutrition and cellular detoxification; the money feeds the cancer management industry instead of helping people empower their own immune systems.

Komen to promote actual cancer-causing chemicals under their pink guise

Now, the Susan G. Komen Foundation is arrogantly partnering with one of the very industries that pump cancer-causing chemicals straight into the ground — the fracking industry. The Susan G. Komen Foundation has just entered into a yearlong partnership with Baker Hughes, a Houston-based oil field services company. The company uses a method of drilling called hydraulic fracturing. This method of drilling oil uses a myriad of toxic chemicals to efficiently pump oil out of the ground. The list of chemicals is long and causes reactions that have unforeseen consequences.

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  1. Of course you morons are against fracking, it provides way too many jobs for you anti-American socialists who can’t see beyond your own stupid noses. There are places where natural gas vents up from the ground and into wells where NO fracking has taken place. Details details details, eh? Duh!

    Comment by r wilson — November 11, 2014 @ 12:54 pm

  2. Do you have any logical argument to contribute? Your second sentence seems more logical than the first, but really is a fallacy of composition, or false equivalence, or both. The rest is just a combination of straw man and ad hominem. It’d be nice to see some real argument. Thanks.

    Comment by tribalnetworks — November 11, 2014 @ 5:33 pm

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