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July 23, 2011

Gates Foundation Partner in Malawi Vaccinates 131 Children At Gunpoint

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(human rights? hahaha!)

Lois Rain, Contributing Writer
Activist Post

The Gates Foundation has long been in an aggressive effort to vaccinate the world and often targets poor Africans. The Gates’ web site showcases Melinda Gates applauding Malawi for enforcing vaccine programs with its helpful “health surveillance assistants.” She calls Malawi one of the few countries “on track to reach the UN Millennium Development Goal.” And who are those assistants meeting the goal? Hyper-vigilant medics with help from police.

Bill Gates calls the vaccine-autism link “an absolute lie” and in a February CNN interview said, “the people who go and engage in those anti-vaccine efforts – you know, they, they kill children.” But as we can see from the recent actions from governments who partner with his foundation to forcefully implement vaccine programs, it could very well be the other way around.

Malawi Voice recently reported that about 131 children from Nsanje were vaccinated with anti-measles at gunpoint last week. They had fled from previous vaccine mandates into nearby towns, but after officials learned they had returned, medics along with police escorts tracked the children and forced them to vaccinate.
The children belonged to Zion and Atumwi Churches and parents took them into Mozambique to hide from officials with vaccines. It is unclear if those churches prohibit the use of vaccines, but a Malawi man with a Seventh Day Apostolic faith found himself sentenced to two year’s imprisonment for refusing to let his three children receive the measles vaccine. He did not believe in going to doctors or receiving vaccinations. Police said that they believed one of his children died from measles and he was charged for “endangering life by failing to supply necessities of life to a person under one’s care without lawful excuse.” According to a penal code. He pleaded for a light sentence because he cares for orphans, but the charges stand.

The Gates have repeatedly emphasized their goal to vaccinate every child on earth and it is clear that children and parents have no say in the matter. These families may have fled the vaccinations because of information, witnessing its harmful effects in others, religious beliefs, or hunches. Maybe they know it’s Bad Medicine or a modern version of smallpox blankets. A damaging, ineffective toxic cocktail.

Whatever the case, they had no choice. The Gates banner says “Human Rights! We come generously bearing good gifts of health and peace,” take the gifts or else…get shot?

It is also clear that the Gates applaud and support this type of force. Either way, the children get shot.
Every month,11,000(!) of these health surveillance assistants spend three weeks providing health care (vaccinations) and information and one week in the rural health clinics. “And they also make sure the vaccinations happen: not just at the village level, but all the way back through the system.”  Melinda Gates said. [emphasis added]

That they do, with guns and needles aimed and loaded.

Here is the article at Activist Post and archived as pdf in case it disappears from there as well: Gates_Foundation_Partner_in_Malawi_Vaccinates_131_Children_At_Gunpoint



  1. I just found this network. Too bad no commentary on the article — can anyone provide and updated link to the original article?

    People should know about the “GAVI” alliance (cf. a similar ‘IAVI’) one, a nonprofit whose board includes (beside the Gates) royalty and others whose goal is to vaccinate I believe it was either a quarter million or a quarter billion of children – -in underdeveloped countries course — around the world by 2015.

    I simply found this as an example of one of the largest nonprofits in Washington, D.C. It was an “accidental” find — but when I realized Seth Berkeley (CEO) had a connection (i believe) to a techonology from England, “PowderJect” I started looking things up — resulting in this post:

    From Harvard to Oxford to D.C. — Fueling, Feeding (and Vaccinating) the World:

    (Obnoxiously long, but good info). I do believe that the Gates Foundation purpose is not so philanthropic as it looks at first glance. Moreover, there are homeopathic alternatives to vaccinations, it would seem..

    In Detroit not too long ago, a woman (mother) was faced with a SWAT team and tanks for withstanding a home invasion designed to force her daughter onto Risperdal AFTER a medical doctor had said it was contraindicated. She faced felony charges although no one had a warrant (look up Justice4maryanne or “Maryanne Godboldo”). The largest corporations on the planet are many times pharmaceuticals. I try to stay off them in general….)

    I also learned something about the history of food production and marketing in the US, and all in all saw how centralized it had become, and when. I track federal grants that provide incentives to undermine justice for women and children fleeing abuse — in the United States, that is — who are then forced back into dangerous situations as part of public policy. I was one of these mothers, and network with them; we are being economically punished (and our kids) for doing the right thing to stay alive by leaving violent relationships. To the extent we receive ANY public aid for this, even temporary, we are pushed back into the system repeatedly as there are few boundaries and protections once one is in it. We are witnessing homicides, femicides, familicides, and homelessness as a DIRECT result of this policy. Anyone in his/her right mind would want to know why.

    I came to the conclusion that it’s the for-profit/not-for-profit caste system (and general imperialism you describe) that is behind this. I will be linking to this site, particular its explanation of the ongoing imperialism. Direct connection between what was done to Africa and what’s being done also in America too (same people, same process in general; they are interlinked).

    Comment by Let's Get Honest — March 23, 2013 @ 8:01 pm

    • Thanks, I found the original article at and updated the link, also attached it as a pdf for safe(r) keeping. Been finding out a lot about foundations and I think you’re right, they aren’t what most people think they are, they’re just a way to avoid tax and still control the money. One interesting thing is that BG’s Mum was on the board of IBM when he ‘cleverly’ licensed DOS to them, securing the future monopoly. His Dad was chairman (or something like that) of the Eugenics Society (now planned parenthood) which Gates Trust funds bigtime. It all looks worked out beforehand. Like they saw the potential for massive money and handed it all to Bill. Then later on he has to set up the foundation to carry out whatever it is that their long-term plan is.

      Comment by tribalnetworks — March 24, 2013 @ 12:31 am

  2. GAVI Alliance website and board:
    GAVI funding:
    “Bill & Melinda Gates gave GAVI startup funding of $750 million in 1999…”

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ (from a different source:)
    CEO Seth Berkley co-founded that “IAVI” before GAVI. Article from March 2011:
    “10 Mar 2011 | 11:15 GMT | Posted by Brian Owens | Category: Biology & Biotechnology

    Cross posted from Nature Medicine’s Spoonful of Medicine blog.

    The announcement on Tuesday that Seth Berkley will be taking the job of chief executive officer of the GAVI Alliance in August pulsed though the global health community. The GAVI Alliance, which faces a coming hurdle in raising the estimated $3.7 billion it needs to continue its global immunization efforts, has been without a CEO since the departure of Julian Lob-Levyt in October.

    Berkley began developing the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI) in 1994, and he has led the charge at the New York-based organization since it formally launched two years later. He’s seen the field through highs and lows, ranging from the disappointing STEP trial in 2007 to the more recent good news from the so-called RV 144 trial in Thailand, which in 2009 reported as much as 30% protection against HIV.

    Nature Medicine caught up with Berkley today to hear what he has learned in his quest for a protective shot to stop the spread of HIV. What follows is a condensed version of the conversation:

    This must be a bittersweet moment for you. What are your thoughts on how the HIV vaccine field has evolved?”
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Board Member Royalty:

    Her Royal Highness the Infanta Cristina of Spain is the Director of International Programmes of “la Caixa” Foundation in charge of global health and development projects in the world’s most vulnerable countries. HRH has been a dedicated advocate on the fight against child mortality since her involvement and commitment with the GAVI Alliance in 2005. She led the partnership between “la Caixa” and GAVI Alliance, the creation of the employee scheme and the Business Alliance for Child Vaccination, a corporate social responsibility programme.

    In 2010 HRH was appointed President of the Board of Trustees of the Global Health Institute of Barcelona, ISGlobal a public-private partnership focused on tackling poverty-related health issues through the creation, sharing and application of knowledge. HRH is an Honorary President of the Spanish Committee of UNESCO, a member of the Dali Foundation Board of Trustees and the President of the International Foundation for Disabled Sailing. HRH the Infanta Cristina read Political Science at the Complutense University of Madrid, and studied International Relations at New York University. In her capacity she has worked and visited more than 20 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. ”

    Some members have a duration, others (see partial list below) “until a replacement is appointed”
    This is just a sample (starting with Board Member #10. See website for explanation.

    10 Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Orin Levine Steve Landry
    Until successors are appointed and qualified

    11 World Bank / Vacant /Armin Fidler
    Until successors are appointed and qualified

    12 UNICEF / Geeta Rao Gupta /Nicholas Alipui
    Until successors are appointed and qualified

    World Health Organization (WHO) /Flavia Bustreo /Jean-Marie Okwo-Bele
    Until successors are appointed and qualified

    Developing countries: Anglophone Africa / Christine J.D. Ondoa /Hussein Ali Mwinyi
    31 December 2014

    Developing countries: Francophone Africa Awa Marie Coll-Seck /Dorothée Kinde Gazard
    31 December 2015

    Developing countries: Asia A.F.M. Ruhal Haque / Pe Thet Khin
    31 December 2014

    Developing countries: Middle East /Suraya Dalil /Salah Banoita Tourab
    31 December 2014

    Developing countries: Latin America and Eastern Europe
    Andrei Usatii /Nila Heredia Miranda
    31 December 2015 / 30 June 2013

    France/Luxembourg/ EC/Germany /Gustavo Gonzalez-Canali
    Walter Seidel
    31 December 2013

    As a (younger) woman I was typing in a major law firm (the largest one in town) many years ago, as they defended themselves against multinational (as I recall; my recall isn’t exact) lawsuits over certain vaccinations for Hep-B, one of the vaccinations on the list here.

    Comment by Let's Get Honest — March 23, 2013 @ 8:19 pm

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