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April 4, 2010

Click for Clean Water In Africa!

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where people come to get water

The source is 10km walk from Ait Larbi.

Your clicks can help us publicize our efforts to bring clean drinking water to Ait Larbi and the other villages in the mountains where our project is. Just viewing the videos, commenting on them, clicking the ‘like’ button, subscribing to the youtube channel and adding some videos to your favorites will increase the likelihood of people finding them and wanting to help.

We only need a few thousand euros to get clean drinking water.  Compared to the failed mega-project (see the video) that is small change. It won’t take many people and we have some money already. If  you want to help with that cost, you can send money direct to an account in Morocco. We’re not a big-shot NGO with offices and staff and computers to support, so 100% of it will go directly on the borehole.. By making our videos and website more prominent, you can help with that, without even sending money!

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