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February 15, 2009

The tribe that stood their ground

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A story in The Times today describes the difficulty the journalist had just to contact the Enawene Nawe tribe in the depths of the Brazilian rainforest. He was there to find out about their problems with cattle pasture and soya-bean plantations destroying their home.

“The more I wait, the more I realise it always sounded a dodgy arrangement. My instructions: fly to Cuiaba, the capital of Brazil’s Mato Grosso province, 16 hours from London via Lisbon and Brasilia. Get the night bus west to Brasnorte (10 hours), a place that isn’t even on my map. There, someone called Mathias would pick me up in his freight truck, then drive me three hours to the river, where I would meet the Enawene Nawe, who would come from their village a seven-hour canoe ride away.

“They would come, I was assured, because they were anxious for the world to know their struggle”
Much more in the article.

These people want to communicate with the outside world. This is tribal networks’ purpose and mission. We need your help to achieve our aims to provide modern communications to people like this.


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