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October 20, 2008

Water and Sanitation Are Keys to Easing Poverty

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Among our first projects in Morocco are fixing the wells, water purification and sanitation. (See the website for more info.) A study by the U.N University released yesterday said that In 2002, the total number of deaths attributed to poor water, sanitation and hygiene was over 3.5 million. About 94 percent of cases of diarrhea, which kills more than 1.4 million children a year, are preventable.

As an example of what could be achieved by the people of Ait Larbi, Tribal Networks is using the internet to make contact with people who can help with the problems experienced in the area. We’ll be introducing a permaculture project, which will help solve water problems among other things, restoring the wells and covering them, and installing composting toilets.

According to the Reuters article, halving the proportion of people living in the most extreme poverty by 2015 is the top goal of governments under the Millennium Development Goals. Governments also have targets to improve water supplies and sanitation.


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