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October 30, 2014

John Gilligan Looking To Muscle In On Organised Charities Racket

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[satire warning for all you Americans out there!]
JohnGilligan-APPEXILED gangster John Gilligan is said to be thinking about making an emphatic return to the top of Ireland’s criminal underworld, following revelations that he intends to set up an organised charity.

Gilligan reportedly got the idea for the venture following the high-profile scandals of both Rehab and Positive Action, where it was revealed that both institutions had spent hundreds of thousands of funds raised for charity on expenses and salaries for members of their respective boards.

Positive Action, a support group for women who contracted the Hepatitis C virus, are currently under Garda investigation following revelations that over a four-year period the organisation spent almost €100,000 on therapies, including “angel healing” and “angel card readings”, and bizarre expenditures such as dry cleaning and dog kennels. Vast amounts of money were spent on alcohol and meals during overseas trips, with one director racking up €34,000 on taxi bills alone.

Stunned by the amount of money available to those at the top tier of Charitable Organisations, former drugs kingpin Gilligan has begun proceedings to set up his own Foundation, from which it is expected he will reap significant financial gain.

“Mr. Gilligan is currently wondering why he spent so much of his time engaged in illegal activities, when the option of being a senior member of a charitable organisation was on the table all along” said Michael Huntsman, senior legal advisor to Gilligan.

“He’s looking at setting up a cancer awareness thing, or sick kids; there’s always money in sick kids. He has the infrastructure all in place; in fact, running a drug empire and running a charity have so much in common. You supply something people want—some people want heroin, some people want to donate to a worthy cause—you send out people to collect the money, and the guy at the top reaps the rewards”.

“As it turns out, there’s very little difference between a charity mugger and a mugger; the money all goes to some criminal higher up the ladder. The only difference with the charity end of things is, even if you get caught, it’s unlikely you’ll ever be held accountable”.

If successful, Gilligan will join the upper echelon of Irish charity chiefs, alongside Rehabs notorious duo of Angela “Fat Hands” Kearns and Frank “The Weasel” Flannery.


October 29, 2014

Pink Charity Scam Supports Cancer Causing Industry

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Susan G. Komen partners with fracking industry to ‘pink wash’ cancer-causing chemicals pumped into ground (NaturalNews) By now, Americans are aware that breast cancer exists, thanks to the pink color-branding marketed by the Susan G. Komen Foundation. The foundation has literally “pink washed” the entire month of October, routinely partnering with outside organizations to sell products and raise money for their pink marketing machine, which primarily pays high salary executives, marketers and pharmaceutical sponsors.

According to Charity Navigator, the Foundation spent $18,394,170 in 2013 on administration expenses alone, allotting $560,896 to Founder and CEO Nancy Brinker and $606,461 to President Elizabeth Thompson. Sadly, all the pink hype provides virtually no education on the environmental toxins and heavy metals in the food and water that are directly linked to cancer, and the foundation does nothing to clean the world of these cancer-causing substances. The money does not go into the hands of actual cancer patients to help them make informed decisions on treatment, clean water, better nutrition and cellular detoxification; the money feeds the cancer management industry instead of helping people empower their own immune systems.

Komen to promote actual cancer-causing chemicals under their pink guise

Now, the Susan G. Komen Foundation is arrogantly partnering with one of the very industries that pump cancer-causing chemicals straight into the ground — the fracking industry. The Susan G. Komen Foundation has just entered into a yearlong partnership with Baker Hughes, a Houston-based oil field services company. The company uses a method of drilling called hydraulic fracturing. This method of drilling oil uses a myriad of toxic chemicals to efficiently pump oil out of the ground. The list of chemicals is long and causes reactions that have unforeseen consequences.

Learn more:
Archived as pdf: Susan_G_Komen_partners_with_fracking_industry

October 22, 2014

Could You Give Like This Man?

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Waking Times

Video - Research suggests that not only is giving good for you—your health, your happiness, and your sense of purpose—but gift-giving activates the good things that people do to heal a wounded world. Altruism, selflessness, and compassion have the power to catalyze positive human behaviors that improve communities, societies, and the planet.

Could you be as giving and as selfless as this man?

October 5, 2014

Charisma Inhibits Higher Brain Function In Believers.

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Unfortunately this study only covered religious subjects, but its lessons can be applied pretty much anywhere. “Experts” are trotted out every night on news programs, to justify the most heinous of activities, or just to instill fear in the population. Politicians and other rulers practice being charismatic because it saves them having to be truthful. The voluntary and NGO sector is full of “conference dragons”, and so on.

The study found that a religious person, anticipating a person who has a reputation as a charismatic literally shuts down his highest brain functions in the charismatic’s presence. That doesn’t happen in the brains of non-believers.

An article on does some interesting speculation about this (archived as pdf: Power_of_Charisma) but again is limited by only looking at religious matters. The full study is available at and pdf is archived here:
Soc Cogn Affect Neurosci-2011-Schjoedt-119-27

See also:  The science of charismatic voices on for some studies using politicians’ speeches.
(archived as pdf: )

Power Can Corrupt Even The Honest

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When appointing a new leader, selectors base their choice on several factors and typically look for leaders with desirable characteristics such as honesty and trustworthiness. However once leaders are in power, can we trust them to exercise it in a prosocial manner?

To investigate this the authors used experimental methods to distinguish between the situational and individual component; and determine if power corrupts or if corrupt individuals are drawn to power. The findings showed that those who measured as less honest exhibited more corrupt behaviour, at least initially; however, over time, even those who initially scored high on honesty were not shielded from the corruptive effects of power.

“Organisations should limit how much leaders can drink from the seductive chalice of power.”

The article abstract etc is at but it costs $20 to download.

September 8, 2014

Avaaz – non-profit warmongering

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‘Activism’ and ‘human rights’ foundation Avaaz blames the Houla massacre on Assad and calls for foreign intervention. A peek into the background of Avaaz explains its pro-empire position, and who is really behind it.

Avaaz: Empire Propaganda Mill Masquerading as Grassroots Activism

Archived here: Avaaz_Empire_Propaganda_Mill_Masquerading_as_Grassroots_Activism.pdf


September 5, 2014

Trees Make Rain VI – Biologic Origin of Snowflakes and Raindrops

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In Trees Make Rain V we saw how trees enable microbes to put just the right kind of particles in the air to make it rain. It turns out that these are the most productive of all three known types of nucleating particles:

  1.  Meteor dust particles, which serve as ice nucleators mostly at temperatures colder than -15 degrees Celsius);
  2. Inorganic soil particles (mainly clays), which also serve as ice nucleators mostly at temperatures colder than -15 degrees Celsius; and
  3. Biological particles, which serve as ice nucleators temperatures as warm as, or warmer than, -5 degrees Celsius.

This is shown in detail in a paper called “The Biologic Origin of Snowflakes and Raindrops” by the Suburban Emergency Management Project.

The most active ice nucleators are biological in origin, declare Christner, et al. in their paper recently published in Science (February 29, 2008). (11) “This is important because the formation of ice in clouds is required for snow and most rainfall. Dust and soot particles can serve as ice nuclei, but biological ice nuclei are capable of catalyzing freezing at much warmer temperatures”, the researchers explain. (14) In other words, a mechanism exists whereby snowflakes and other precipitation can form when cloud temperatures in the troposphere are relatively warm.

Here’s the link,

and archived as a pdf: The_Biologic_Origin_of_Snowflakes_and_Raindrops

and here’s the referenced article (11): Ubiquity of Biological Ice Nucleators in Snowfall

August 31, 2014

Gates Foundation Promoting Corporate Takeover Of Global Agriculture

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(NaturalNews) After it was exposed that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the philanthropic brainchild of Microsoft founder Bill Gates, purchased 500,000 shares in Monsanto back in 2010 valued at more than $23 million, it became abundantly clear that this so-called benevolent charity is up to something other than eradicating disease and feeding the world’s poor. It turns out that the Gates family legacy has long been one of trying to dominate and control the world’s systems, including in the areas of technology, medicine, and now agriculture

Read more in the full article at
Archived as pdf: Bill_Gates_Monsanto

Update 28 oct 2014: See also “African farmers fight against Gates Foundation’s attempts to implement ecologically destructive industrial agriculture
Archived as pdf: African_farmers_fight_Gates_Foundation

Small farmers feed the world with less than a quarter of all farmland

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Last May, produced a revealing report.

“It is commonly heard today that small farmers produce most of the world’s food. But how many of us realise that they are doing this with less than a quarter of the world’s farmland, and that even this meagre share is shrinking fast? If small farmers continue to lose the very basis of their existence, the world will lose its capacity to feed itself.

“GRAIN took an in depth look at the data to see what is going on and the message is crystal clear. We need to urgently put land back in the hands of small farmers and make the struggle for agrarian reform central to the fight for better food systems.”

GRAIN is a small international non-profit organisation that works to support small farmers and social movements in their struggles for community-controlled and biodiversity-based food systems

The report can be viewed on their site

Archiving the pdf version  grain-4929-hungry-for-land-small-farmers-feed-the-world-with-less-than-a-quarter-of-all-farmland

July 20, 2014

Malnutrition to Abundance – Chikukwa Project

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“Whereas most aid projects try to relieve poverty by helping people to make a cash income, this project’s primary focus is to help people to produce food for their own households.”

The Chikukwa project was initiated in 1991 when the spring which had served about 50 households in Chitekete village for their water supply dried up. This was the culmination of a growing crisis, caused by clearing of the original forest vegetation, combined with over grazing and cropping. Six neighbours tried digging for water. But with further rains, the spring silted up again. So they organized a one week permaculture design workshop. They invited five householders from each village, traditional leaders and representatives of youth and went on to set up a “permaculture club”.

With their newfound skills, the club began collecting seeds, establishing legume trees, orchards and vegetable plots, starting nurseries for fruit trees. Getting the help of other community members, they initiated working parties to fence off the springs and plant indigenous species, to plant woodlots and fence them, to put in contour bunds and swales.

Their successes led to the formation of similar permaculture clubs in all the six villages.

Much more in the pdf below, and at

chikukwa project (pdf)


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